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The ending episode 15 of Haikyuu!! had me trembling with excitement, I just can’t sit still. Next week please hurry

Sitting here on watch2gether with friends and we just re-watched the ending to Clannad After Story and Ano Hana…

Full of regrets

Brought a packet of polos from a vending machine and two packets dropped

Queued up alot of You Who Came From The Stars since I’ve just finished it. Enjoyed it alot, Jun Ji Hyun is such a funny actress.

Job interview today and tomorrow >.< so nervous 

This Totoro onesie is so soft and comfortable, I wanna stay in it forever (^ν^)

So much manual labour today Dx

So tired and hungry now

Got my first pay check today :D

Finally got a job :D

So lately Naruto has been ‘meh’ for me with all the side stories and stuff.

But after hearing Itachi saying ‘I will love you always’ to Sasuke, it was well worth it. Man I love Itachi so much.

Reasons to crew and be night ops at a con:

Playing Pokemon Master the board game until half 6 in the morning and getting way too excited about it

I was so not fucking ready for this weeks episode of Shingeki no Titan.


Playing ARAM on League until 6am, this is not legit.

Come back home and my stress levels are sky-rocketing…